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Re: Coco

Constance André-Aigret
- 14/03/2023 12:37:04

Thanks for the notes!
I don't know if a specific time will be arranged to discuss recruitment. So, I put here my reaction: since we did not prioritize our operational objectives in January and that our main foundation asks us, in order to continue to benefit from their funds, to put more emphasis on advocacy, we have to keep this in mind and therefore think about the possibility of recruiting someone on this theme. 

T hile knowing that communication remains the sinews of war, perhaps a communication position could be shared with one of the members or with RIPESS inter? I know that in local currencies, we do this kind of mutualization for administrative and communication positions - but it remains in the same country and in the same field with the same digital tools (Odoo). 

Concerning the increase of Jason and Andrea's working time: at what rates are you currently and what are your tasks? What are the concrete tasks to be done if you take over the administration and logistics, what are the priority tasks (I'm thinking of the GA in particular) and those that can wait? (Can we have access to your job descriptions (or job specifications) in order to think about this? 

Thank you! Nice end of day,