(Thematic areas and Commissions)

Public policies

The advocacy and positioning of our network on European, national and local policies for the recognition and promotion of SSE

Territorial Cooperation

Strengthening the SSE ecosystems through local community building, culture and solidarity economy circuits

Care Commission

Making SSE more Care-ful and feminists, within our organisations and in the practices of our relations.

Education and Knowledge sharing

Peer-learning, working with popular education and training, sharing knowledge through free and open technologies


The team behind all the networks' information and communication channels


Involving the next generations in transforming the economy and society through SSE

SSE Principles

Re-assessing the fundamental values at the core of SSE today, towards a new Charter / Manifesto

Social Utility / Social Impact

How to measure the progress and value generated by SSE practices

Finance and Fundraising

Managing the resources of the network...