Extraordinary GA 2022

12/06/2022 12:00 to 12/06/2022 13:30 (Europe/Rome)


Facilitated by Ruby Van Der Wekken and Drazen Simlesa, co-coordinators

1) 2021 Financial report - Bruno Lasnier, Jason Nardi (10 min)

The financial report could not be approved during the September General assembly as it was not fully ready. Jason (General delegate) and Bruno (Treasurer) started working with Odoo open source software for the accounts in 2022 and needed more time to fully implement it. The assembly agreed to postpone the presentation of the financial report before 31st December 2022.

2) RIPESSEU Charter of Principles process - Françoise Wautiez, Juliette Bertrand (15 min)

Last month, we started the process of elaborating together the network's new Charter of Principles. As discussed in Wroclaw (Poland) during the September General assembly, the network agreed on updating the Charter of principles with values and principles chosen by its members. To do so, we have launched an online survey to be completed by all members. The next step is the creation of a working group whose first task would be to work on the definition of SSE that is now in Solecopedia and that will serve as a basis for the Charter and to identify the values. The Charter will be presented and validated during the next General assembly in September, 2023.

3) Solecopedia - Françoise Wautiez, Josette Combes (15 min)

Solecopedia is a wiki of SSE concepts promoted by RIPESS Europe. The idea is to create a tool that complements socioeco.org (documentation) and the moodles (training) with a wiki built collectively by Ripess members in a first step, and others in the future on shared definitions and examples. Andrea and FW have begun the work in order to show what can be done, define a structure for each page and test some of the wiki possibilities, with the help of Vincent Calame. We invite the Members to participate in its development and ask the assembly to discuss the involvement process for next year.

4) Care commission - Ripess Europe team (10 min)

Creating a care commission of Ripess Europe and developing the process in the network (as follow up from the previous GA and the 4careworkenvironment and Hati-Sos projects).


On november 25, Ripess Europe - in collaboration with REDPES (Portugal) - launched a Feminist Protocol POLICY FOR A SAFE SPACE OF AGGRESSION that aims to support those who want to build a shared space of safety and trust for all people and intends to be a tool for individual and collective (self-)defense against the different oppressions and/or aggressions of the system that manifest in our workspaces. 

5) ECOLISE Agreement - Jason Nardi (10 min)

This partnership agreement - available in EnglishFrench and Spanish - is aimed at formalising, facilitating, and strengthening the ongoing,  mutually beneficial collaboration between the European Network of the Social Solidarity Economy Organisations (RIPESS Europe) and the European Network for Community-led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability (ECOLISE).

6) Members' online inter-cooperation space and Newsletters 2023 - Ripess Europe team (10 min)

Members’ Inter-cooperation space: building on shared ideas and projects for partnerships and cooperation among members on Odoo:  https://odoo.ripess.eu .

Description of the new methodology for newsletters and promotion of the newsletters inside members networks. The newsletters will be divided into two major categories : territorial and thematic issues. Regarding thematic issues, a list will be introduced to the network about previous and next themes selected. Regarding country-focused newsletters, we will ask each member to choose a month in link with a local event to co-build a monthly newsletter about local, regional and national news.

7) GSEF 2023 - update by Martin Georges (10 min)

The 6th edition of the World Social Economy Forum, GSEF2023 Dakar, will take place from May 1 to 6, 2023 in Dakar, Senegal. Martin will also update us on the European commission's Social Economy action plan.

8) EUROGEN survey - update by Ana Margarida Esteves (5 min)

9) Any other matter or comment (5/10 min)


From 12/06/2022 12:00
To 12/06/2022 13:30



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