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Several steps: - technical ste [...]

Françoise Wautiez
- 01/31/2023 08:37:10

Several steps:
- technical steps: Mar, Jason and Andrea, a meeting on what is possible at a tehcnical level
- put contents on the moodle platform: needs a meeting with Jason, Andrea, Josette on how to pass from a document to an online training, how to pass contents from the word  document on feminist economy to the moodle format
- training of FW on how to add contents on Moodle: includes titlesn videos, pictures: Andrea
- FW : put the contents on the moodle
- FW adds a section on bibliography
- Juliette adds graphism
- Disseminate, register students, find a referent, etc: the whole team
- this moodle could be coupled with one or several webinars where the Moodle students could be invited and raised their questions
- Jason has another training by Euclides Mance in Spanish, Portuguese and English that could be transformed into the moodle format: the same process of dividing contents for the moodle format has to be done. FW can put the contents on the Moodle platform, Juliette the graphic part, etc.